Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oops, sorry...I kinda forgot about this blog...

So, I've really neglected y'all, and I apologize.  Here's a summary of what I can remember from the past 11 months.

Oh, the GF diet didn't work out so well.  Both DS and I got really bad cases of the runs.  They cleared up when we started eating wheat again.  I was also really fatigued and depressed, and I noticed later that all of the wheat substitute stuff wasn't fortified with extra B and D vitamins like the wheat-based food I was used to eating.

Had another Provera induced period in September, but started having some of the side effects I used to have  on combination birth control.  Hoping to avoid Provera in the future.

Ran my first (and so far only) race (5 mi) in late September--even after twisting my ankle badly in training the week before.  Kept pace with my MIL and SIL who have both been more athletic and for years longer...but they may have been holding back to be sociable.  Still, I placed 5th for women in my age bracket and even got a medal!  SIL placed 4th for the same age bracket.  MIL placed 1st in her age bracket!

Started doing some "fertility" exercises from a video on YouTube before I ovulated in October.

SIL got her BFP on October 30.  I was getting negatives, but having lots of the same symptoms.  SIL was CERTAIN I was pregnant.  Got my BFP on November 4th!  Our babies are both due in July--just a few days apart!

Used progesterone suppositories the 1st trimester, same as with DS.  Didn't miscarry, so I think the progesterone definitely makes the difference between an angel and a sticky bean for me.

Morning sickness was not as bad as with DS.  Was only "bedridden" for about a week.  Still taking Zofran though.  There never came a point where it magically went away like it did at 8 months with DS.  However, instead of taking 3 Zofran and 2 cans of caffeinated soda every day and still losing weight, I have been taking 1 Zofran a day and caffeine when I'm too sleepy and gaining lots of weight.  I only gained a total of 9 lbs with DS.  Still have a few weeks, and so far I have gained a little over 20 lbs.

Instead of taking regular prenatals this time, I took SIL's advice and I'm using these prenatals. Also switched DS from his gummies to these, and DH to these.  I feel like avoiding synthetic B vitamins and folic acid is the best choice for our whole family, even though I'm the only one who has been tested for methylation issues.

We decided not to be surprised this time (mostly because I had my heart so set on a girl, and I wanted time to get excited about a second son before the delivery room if that was God's will for our family).  On Valentine's Day, a friend of ours who is knowledgeable in martial arts and Chinese medicine did a check of my pulses in my wrists and said he was certain I was having a girl.  20 week ultrasound confirmed his analysis (although I still had nightmares about bringing home a boy to a pink and purple room and a closet full of dresses until we had another ultrasound that confirmed girl again, lol).

Pregnancy remained fairly uncomplicated and I remained reasonably healthy (though not as active as I'd hoped) until mid-May.  I started out having insanely itchy feet.  Checking Google for a pregnancy safe home remedy led me to site after site about intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.  Got tested, but my blood had to be sent all the way another state, so the results took forever.  In the meantime, the itchiness spread over my whole body and became unbearable, and I started having some of the other symptoms.  Eventually, my results came back negative. I don't know if some of the other symptoms were hypochondria or if it was just a bizarre coincidence, but they didn't subside right away.  Even now, I still have a lot of itchiness if I don't take Benadryl every night.  Doc says there's nothing else he knows of that causes such symptoms, other than maybe an allergy.  I've reached the conclusion that this has to do with my allergy to estrogen (I had an itchy rash when I tried the Nuva-Ring years ago), and that I'm allergic to my daughter.  Doc thinks I'll be fine after she's born.

With that mystery cleared up, I thought it would be smooth sailing until my due date on July 17th, but Doc told me that he and his wife recommend that I consider a c-section at 39 weeks if I haven't delivered before then.  The reason is that I had a 4th degree tear with DS, and while there's a good chance I won't tear at all this time, if I were to have a repeat 4th degree tear, I may never properly heal.  After 48 hours of crying, praying, and talking with family and friends, DH and I made our decision.  I'm doing whatever I feel I can safely do to encourage DD to come out before 39 weeks, but I will have the c-section if we reach that point without a natural delivery.  I am currently documenting what I am trying and what the results seem to be, so I will try to remember to post that on here after DD is born.  I don't advocate doing anything scary to induce early (like some people take castor oil and stuff!) and I wouldn't be trying to naturally move things along if there was not a medical reason.  However, everything I'm trying--at least according to my research--will just move things along faster if my body and DD are both ready, but not cause labor if DD needs more time to cook.

Thought my water broke last night, and we woke DS up and met my parents at the hospital.  I spent several hours in triage in L&D only to find out that I was not leaking amniotic fluid, but having a discharge due to bacterial vaginosis.  I started antibiotics this morning.  I need to pick up some probiotics to make sure I don't get a yeast infection, too.

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